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    Corinne Johnson saved every recipe she created on her journey as a vegetarian, vegan and raw foodie. Over 175 of them are included in Fresh! in an easy to follow format.

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    last updated September 17, 2017

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    Regina, Moose Jaw, Summerland, Santa Monica, Venice CA, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Seattle, Saskatoon, Oxford MI, Florida, Onanole, Wasagaming, Waskesiu

    Favorite Recipes

    Citrus Bok Choy, page 91

    Mango Torte, page 146

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  • Recipes

    A little selection of what's in store inside Fresh!


    Quench your thirst with the perfect mocktail!

    Minted Mojito, Watermelon Margarita, Piñata Colada, and more. These beverages are made to quench thirst and nourish with the freshest ingredients!


    Large or small, these bites will fulfill your nosh cravings

    Cucumber Canapés, Yukon Gold Potato Chips with Herb Aoli, and Nori Rolls... just a few of the snack and appetizer options in Fresh!


    Elegant and fun, these dishes are hearty and nourishing all in one

    From the Cashew Cream "Linguini" to the Portobello Mushroom, these dishes are incredibly satisfying. Enjoy them as a main meal for one or two, or enjoy as a side for a larger group. Try them all!

  • Tips

    We like to play with our food

    Page 114, "Pasta" Pesto

    Mom's favourite. She likes to make it as a side dish to add to regular meals involving meat eating type folks.

    Page 144, Apple Raspberry Torte

    We like to drizzle maple syrup over these torte slices. And yes, we know that this is technically not a torte but the name lends itself to an exotic version of apples deliciously served over an almond crust.

    Page 146, Mango Torte

    Substitute walnuts for pecans, almonds, or hazelnuts. Any of the above make for a great flavour combination with mango! Mmhmm.

    Page 85, Tender Leaf Greens

    "I drizzled Lighthouse Raspberry Walnut Dressing onto this salad and it tasted like a little forest elf candy bar and I want that every day of my life". My husband. He's a little crazy for this salad.

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